Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Pale Immortal by Anne Frasier Book Review

To be honest, I was not familiar with Anne Frasier.  I ran across her on Myspace and was drawn to her books because they were set in Wisconsin, my home state.  I approached her to see if she would be willing to submit a book for review, and she was more than happy to oblige.  I am thankful, as this was a fantastic read and really drew me in from the very beginning.

 This book is set in the sleepy town of Tuonela, Wisconsin – a town that is notorious for the “Pale Immortal” – a serial killer who stalked the streets one hundred years ago and was rumored to drain his victims of their blood.  Since the death of the “Pale Immortal” no one has lived in Old Tuonela, instead moving a few miles away and rebuilding on ground that was less haunted.  The only people foolish enough to step foot in Old Tuonela are the “goth” kids or the occasional tourist – people who don’t really belive the legend or are just looking for a good scare. Even though the town has moved, it’s past continues to haunt it.  The corpse of a young girl is found dumped alongside a local road, drained of all of her blood.  Has the “Pale Immortal” been resurrected from his unmarked grave, to rain terror down on New Tuonela?  Or is there a new terror that the residents must encounter, something even more evil that the ghosts of their past?

 The most logical suspect in most of the townspeople’s eyes is the recluse, Evan Stroud.  Not only has he written a book that would give him access to details most people don’t know, he also suffers from a rare condition known as Porphyria, which makes it unable for him to be in sunlight.  He has been taunted for years as being a “freak” or a “Vampire” and has considered leaving, but where would he go?  At least he is familiar with the town, and most people accept him, even if they aren’t exactly friendly.  And he is not without friends.  His best friend Rachel Burton has recently returned to town and taken the job of County Coroner.  It gives him someone to talk to and a reason to look forward to something in his day. Evan’s life is turned upside down when a young man named Graham Yates shows up at his door, stating that he is his son.  Although Evan does remember sleeping with Graham’s mother, she was the type of girl who slept with more boys than not, and the odds of Graham being his son don’t seem too probable.  While waiting for the DNA results, Graham gets mixed up with a group of hoodlums who have named themselves “The Pale Immortals” and believe that the rotting bones of their idol and namesake hold the power of life, death, and immortality.  For a boy who has been trying to fit in his whole life, it is easy to fall into their warped views- after all, these are the first true friends he has had in years.  But the townsfolk of Tuonela have no idea what is lurking in their mist – an evil so powerful it may destroy them all.

 The formation of the characters in this book is flawless – I was pleased as there are times when authors seem to go on and on giving details that really are not relevant to the story or plot, but this was not the case.  The characters are also kept to a minimum, making it much easier to relate to the heartache and horror that each one goes through in search of the true “killer”. This is a fantastic read and one that I highly recommend, especially for those of you who enjoy nothing more than a good scare! Here is a video showing what you can expect from this book:   For excerpts from the book, and other cool information pertaining to it click here.