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How Far Would You Go to Get or Keep a Man by Marlene Morgan, author of 'Sleeping With a Wall Street Banker'


  Sleeping with a Wall Street BankerTitle
: Sleeping with a Wall Street Banker
Author: Marlene Morgan
Genre: Psychological Thriller/Romantic Suspense
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Pages: 322
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1-48178-874-8

Sleeping With A Wall Street Banker is a psychological thriller that begins when lawyer Alice Francis leaves her life in London for a new start with Wall Street banker Jake Logan in New York. She quickly learns that this is a man consumed by his need to control; he loves but on his terms. When Jake’s ex-girlfriend, Jessica, finds out about Jake’s relationship with Alice, Alice’s life takes a dark turn. For all the trappings of success from a Wall Street career, Jake is a man tormented by the irrational guilt he carries from his past relationship with Jessica. Jessica is unmarried and childless with a biological clock that has all but stopped ticking, and Jake is her back-up plan. Her ultimate goal is to fix Jake’s life by interfering, setting him up, and blackmailing him in an effort to force him into a horrible relationship that was never meant to be. With Alice in the picture, Jessica’s goal is almost certainly a recipe for disaster and a fate equal to death itself. When the plan begins to fail, a mentally unbalanced Jessica resorts to destruction.



New York attracts a multitude of young, ambitious and successful people. It’s a draw for highly educated, professional women in the prime of their marrying years. It’s also allures well-educated, highly sexual, money-driven men. But the problem is, there are far more women than men in the mix. Studies have revealed that in New York women outnumber men four to one. This often cited statistic is used to support an argument that the gender imbalance makes it more difficult for some women to find a partner. New York is described as a ‘candy store’ for straight single men on the dating scene, leaving gloomy prospects for young women because the male-to-female ratio is in favor of men.
Commentators have said that more women flock to the Big Apple than men in a bid to have it all but often eligible men are hard to find. More importantly when they find that man, an increasing number are unwilling to commit.  On the one hand, the men that I interviewed said that they do not treat New York as a ‘candy store’ and that it was impossible for good men to get a date in NY. The men argue that the women are insane, that they limit themselves statistically as well as demographically to a tiny pool of men, some of whom are married, yes married, who meet their exacting requirements of a 7 figure salary, looks, and religion. 
On the other hand the women said that a good man is hard to find. It’s the complaint of many women in New York that dateable men are either taken or gay. What are women to do about this quandary?  Some would say leave New York and the East Coast.  What if you do not want to leave New York, and like the woman, Jessica, in ‘Sleeping with a Wall Street Banker’ you have found your man.  How far would you go to get and keep your man? Unmarried, childless and with a biological clock that has all but stopped ticking, Jessica feels betrayed by her ex-boyfriend. She is jealous of the woman who he is having a relationship with her ex-boyfriend and who, in Jessica’s eyes, is “her” person.  Afflicted with Dissociative identity disorder (DID) – multiple personality disorder – she resorts to destruction.
Marlene Morgan


Marlene Morgan RoundedMarlene Morgan is an author, and a Barrister-at-law. She also holds a master degree in taxation and administration law from Kings College London. Having recently passed the New York Bar Exam she is currently seeking admission to the New York Bar. She can be contacted through her website at     

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